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    Blake Barton

    Hi Samuel,

    I really am not very familiar with Dzogchen, but are you saying that the goal is not awakening to the true nature of reality?



    Darlene T

    Hello Samuel,
    I am most interested in your posts and the helpful responses of the teachers. Looking at the trajectory of your posts, it does seem important that there is some discernment between the wonderful experiences and results of involuntary movements however unusual…in contrast with specific or non specific health conditions that need attention. Overall, in piti experiences, it is quite simply your body’s own energetic opening and clearing internal and energetic pathways that lead to greater well being. Of course many are a bit fearful not knowing what might be happening to them. My practice is to say yes and not bear down on them to stop them…simply receive and experience. As far as your practice of Dzogchen not ending in dispassion…I am very curious should you decide to say more…In particular, what is your practice in the practice of Dzogchen?

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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