The best way to learn how to use this site is to be daring and experiment, but here is some information that might help:

(You can use Google to find an answer to your question. Include in your search the word “Buddypress,” as this is the software used to implement this site.)

Your profile – click on your own username to edit information about you. Upload your own picture (avatar) if you like.

Your activity – click on your own username and write something in the box that says, “What’s new, … “. This is your personal activity stream.  You are sharing this information with everyone. Anyone can add comments.

Forums – Take part in a discussion.  Any number of forums dedicated to a particular subject may exist. Only the administrator can create forums; however, each forum is subdivided into topics, and you can create a new topic if you like. (Try to be sure the topic doesn’t already exist.) Forum activity also shows up in the activity stream. If a forum is empty, you must create a topic before you can comment.

All Activity  Streams – Click this main menu item to a combined view of all activity streams, including personal streams. You can comment on any stream if you like.

3 responses to Help

  1. Hello, I don´t want my name to be on the forum for privacy reasons. It doesn´t bother me that you guys know my name, but that others can find the things I write, when they search on google. I already changed my name to Joey Landheuvel, but still my name stays the same in the forum. Can you please change my name in Joey Landheuvel. Much appreciated. Joey

  2. Hi – I have the same problem as the above poster. I have changed my name in my profile, but it stays at my real name in the forum. Could someone please help.

    • I made your display name the same as your user name, so it should be resolved. I guess I don’t quite understand the issue, since it is only your first name and last initial. In Joey’s case it was actually his full last name.

      Blake – Dharma Treasure Community Admin.

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