• ps the movement it is the first movement in the video that is very similar to the first Dragon and Tiger movement.

  • hi all,

    I wanted to mention something that has been helpful for me in case it might also be helpful for others.

    For months I have had some energy imbalance with resultant significant dis-ease off the cushion.

    A few weeks ago I began very slowly learning the first movement in Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong, a very old beginner qigong set with…[Read more]

  • hi all, I found this article very interesting and helpful regarding energy imbalances from meditation.

    What to Do When Energy Runs Wild


  • sorry a correction – breathe in and out in 3 part breath – and hold for 6 seconds.

  • hi all,

    Oh boy not another “time to switch to other practices” post 🙂

    Wow thank you Eric that is very interesting.

    So I have had 3 acupuncture sessions and each day the day afterwords I have intense sadness/crying for some time. While I do have some things going on, this has not happened outside of acupuncture or retreat setting in recent…[Read more]

  • hi all,

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts.

    Julian – the contractions of face, neck, or chest would last seconds and could occur in daily life – sometimes triggered by a circumstance that triggers a strong emotion sometimes not, and sometimes when I would settle in meditation. I believe I could always override them if I wished on and off the…[Read more]

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    hi Matthew

    The CD that accompanies the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Workbook has 15,30, and 45 minute body scans guided by Bob Stahl. I have not done them myself but they seem good.


  • hello all,

    I wanted to update the group in case what I have found could be helpful for others.

    To summarize earlier posts, I have had significant energy imbalance/blockages after doing a fair amount ofTMI and after having purifications. This process was directly affecting my life off the cushion and seemed to be definitely exacerbated by…[Read more]

  • hi all,

    I would like to thank everyone so very much for the collective wisdom. It has been a difficult time and the way forward has not been clear.

    I have noticed that two days of walking has improved the feelings of imbalance. For me the energy imbalance has manifested itself as agitation and irritability well above baseline as well as…[Read more]

  • hi all – after a day or two of the gratitude practice and noticing a big shift in mood towards the positive – symptoms of the energy imbalance came back for me, i.e. not sleeping well, periods of agitation/anxiety. Its ‘s though the whole system got a shot of dopamine from the gratitude that felt good but I couldn’t handle because of the state of…[Read more]

  • Thank you all so much for the thoughtful and helpful advice. I am going to continue to do a reduced sitting schedule, to not do Neuroptimal for some time, and continue to focus on compassion/lovingkindness and incorporate formal gratitude practice as well.

    I ended up making gratitude the focus of my brief morning sit (I loosely utilized the HEAL…[Read more]

  • hi all,

    I am sorry to ask another question but I think this community may be my best shot at getting a question that I have had for a while answered.

    After an 8 day retreat with Upasaka Culadasa at Cochise Stronghold where there were emotional purifications, I started doing compassion practice in addition to TMI and also started Neuroptimal…[Read more]

  • That is very helpful Blake thank you so much.

    I ended up doing shorter practices and switching to compassion practice and noticed a large shift in my capacity to be present, my mood, and spaciousness of awareness. It felt like that it was the missing ingredient and just a touch of it made a huge difference.

    Thank you again.

  • Thank you all for the help.

    I think striving has definitely been a problem for me and I do think my attitude is different with other practices- there is more of an attitude of self compassion and an attitude “let’s see what is here and let it be – allowing myself to be as I am” when I do other practices. I try to relax and not try as hard with…[Read more]

  • Hi all,

    I have been practicing with TMI since January of 2017 and other practices before that. Currently stage 5 but haven’t done too much body scanning yet with the TMI method. Generally have been practicing 60-70 minutes a day – more recently 45 minutes daily. I have been through a lot of kriyas, purifications, and energy movement since…[Read more]

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    Thank you for very much for the input Jeff – I will try that out.


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    hi all – just to follow up just got back from a few days of solo retreat and had a lot of sadness and self loathing came up as purifications. I think that they were underlying the unsettled feeling and extra aversion and anger in daily life in the time prior to the retreat. The physical manifestations (movement, tension, vocalizations) have…[Read more]

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    Thank you Douglas much appreciated.


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    I am not sure it makes a difference but wanted to make sure it is clear that the anger during driving was in response to a situation that arose with another driver during driving – it was not spontaneous anger without an obvious cause.

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    hello all,

    I am in stage 4/5. A few months ago on retreat I had a fair amount of emotional purifications (sadness, fear). After the retreat I enjoyed a time where I felt better than I can remember ever feeling. I was relaxed, the mind was spacious, and mood was excellent.

    Over the last 3 weeks I started having more physical based purifications.…[Read more]

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