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    Does anyone know of a good guided body scan approximately 20 minutes long? I’m not looking for a body scan for relaxation but more of a formal practice.



    Don Salmon

    Hi Matthew:

    This may be different from what you’re looking for – I’ve used it since 1985 and have found it profoundly useful in many contexts. I have used it as the main means of recovering from severe back spasms; as a means of learning to transition from waking into a dream with full awareness, to fall asleep when having a bout of insomnia, and as a means of deepening samata.

    I would suggest trying it for at least a week, daily, to see if it is suitable for you. Also, try as soon as you can to memorize the 61 points (it only takes a few minutes once you get the general contours).

    You may want to experiment – one cycle of breath for each point; or just breathing naturally and going from point to point as you feel you have gone deeply, viscerally, into the muscles.

    For lucid dreaming, I have found almost invariably that some time after I get to the left leg, vivid hypnagogic images begin to arise. If you can stay with them without losing awareness, you will at some point find yourself in a lucid dream.

    For developing samata, going through all 61 points then returning to the heart center and staying in the Still point can be very powerful – thoughts subside completely.



    hi Matthew

    The CD that accompanies the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Workbook has 15,30, and 45 minute body scans guided by Bob Stahl. I have not done them myself but they seem good.



    Don Salmon

    oh, it also is extremely useful for lowering blood pressure for some people (not for me – but others have used it for this purpose)


    Mark Miller

    Hey Mathew,

    Shaila Catherine has a load of great guided practices for the body (some in dharma seed). Heres one I found just now (lecture on the body and a guided practice):

    Enjoy! All the best.



    Junot C

    This may be the droid you’re looking for:


    Thanks everyone for the responses! Very helpful




    Ayya Khema has some excellent guided body scans. You can search them out. Here’s an example:


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