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    hi all, I found this article very interesting and helpful regarding energy imbalances from meditation.





    hi all,

    I wanted to mention something that has been helpful for me in case it might also be helpful for others.

    For months I have had some energy imbalance with resultant significant dis-ease off the cushion.

    A few weeks ago I began very slowly learning the first movement in Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong, a very old beginner qigong set with reported significant benefits. Apparently it works on acupuncture meridians and does not require one to feel chi to benefit, though it can give one the feeling of chi through practice.

    I began a bit skeptically and very slowly because I seem to be very sensitive energetically now. I learned and practice the first movement for a few minutes each morning. I have noticed very significant positive effects such as more ease, more balance, better mood, more energy, and calm sitting meditations.

    This is the link for the DVD if interested – there are also 2 books on amazon.


    Interestingly, the first movement is the same as what an experienced qigong practitioner recommended to another on reddit.

    This is the exercise the practitioner recommended which is similar to 1st movement in dragon and tiger.


    This is the thread on reddit.


    Throughout it all I have done my best to accept and to surrender to what is happening in the moment and to use less energy in meditation and in mindfulness in daily life i.e., not to try so hard which seems to create tension and energy. To me acceptance and surrender does not mean one can’t find skillful means to help work with imbalances. For me it is important to find and practice these skillful means without being attached to outcome or aversive to whatever comes up in any given moment.

    Thank you.



    ps the movement it is the first movement in the video that is very similar to the first Dragon and Tiger movement.


    Julian S

    Very interesting reddit thread and videos, thank you for the update! Have you heard of the “long breath” as taught by Buddhadasa Bhikku? It is a technique I’ve been using for my own energy imbalances at the start of sitting, to good effect, on the chance mention by a fellow teacher trainee of mine.

    Here is a link to Buddhadasa’s book “Mindfulness of Breathing”. I believe the long breath is studied in Lecture Two.

    Just to add (Buddhadasa’s interpretation of) the satipatthana to the mix 🙂

    Dharma Treasure teacher in training since Jan 2018

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