• Ivan, Magnolia, Blaz,

    Great topic! I am so inspired by the faq on practice in daily life.
    I’ve been listening to Culadasa’s “Stillness and Insight Retreat” and on Day 5 he talks about living like you’re already enlightened.

    From my notes (so paraphrasing here):

    A guiding principle is that anything that diminishes ignorance and craving brings…[Read more]

  • Hi Sanjeev and Ivan,

    I am also very interested in this topic.

    First, Sanjeev, congratulations on maintaining peripheral awareness off the cushion! Please acknowledge and enjoy this accomplishment as you continue to tweak your practice!

    So I find, for myself, that it’s generally the same themes that distract me during the day, and even the same…[Read more]

  • Becky replied to the topic Stage 8 Questions in the forum Meditation 3 years, 11 months ago

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks so much for your response. I did not know about this audio so I’m excited to do it. And I am very happy to meet you.
    Perhaps sometimes I am further along, I’ve been meditating a long time, but only learned about TMI in January and it has jumpstarted my practice in ways I never even considered 🙂

    Wishing you the best with your…[Read more]

  • Becky started the topic Stage 8 Questions in the forum Meditation 3 years, 11 months ago


    I moved into Stage 8 about 10 days ago near the end of a home retreat. I’ve been experiencing grade IV piti since much of Stage 7, and it starts up as soon as I sit down to meditate. I think I touched on grade V piti during one sit on the retreat. I have not experienced any grade 1-III piti (no unpleasant piti) or the illumination p…[Read more]