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    Ivan Ganza


    I’m wondering if anybody knows pointers or links to posts about Mindfulness, especially Mindfulness in Daily Life, on this forum. I wonder if Culadasa has posted something in the years that might be linked to?

    I would like to add some more detail to recently topics, rather than write something myself, I am thinking there must be some golden posts already. Tried to search but the search feature did not seem to come up with anything I could use.

    -Ivan/ (DT Teacher in Training)



    Hi dear Ivan,
    Maybe you allready know the teaching retreats? 🙂
    Anyhow, Culadasa has written some complimentary texts to his teaching retreats which are recorded and available eg at soundcloud.
    Two of them are:

    The magic of mindfulness and Awakening in daily life.
    The hand outs could be useful, apart from the insightful and rich speeches.
    For me have they been a gem for understanding the practice.


    Blaz Simcic


    Culadasa wrote a really interesting article on dharmatreasure website: There’s also another post in the comments of the same article.


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    Ivan Ganza

    Thanks much for the replies!



    Ivan, Magnolia, Blaz,

    Great topic! I am so inspired by the faq on practice in daily life.
    I’ve been listening to Culadasa’s “Stillness and Insight Retreat” and on Day 5 he talks about living like you’re already enlightened.

    From my notes (so paraphrasing here):

    A guiding principle is that anything that diminishes ignorance and craving brings you closer to awakening. Use the precepts as a guideline; if you find yourself doing something that’s not consistent with the precepts examine yourself. Bring the goal of awakening to every decision you make.

    No self: stop being selfish; go from selfishness to selflessness = kindness and generosity

    Of course mindfulness has to be present to do this 🙂



    Alex K

    Thank you!

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