• Hello All,

    in the last couple of months I discovered so many helpful resources on the internet related to TMI. Articles written by Culadasa, published in online magazines. Videos and podcasts, like in Deconstructing Yourself, Buddha At The Gaspump and so on and of course his Patroen Q&As. Then we have blogs by dedicated people in his community…[Read more]

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  • Hello dcurtis,

    You are very keenly observing many things. Let my try to tackle them one by one.

    >> * I’m unable to keep the attention on the breath for more than three cycles, at most. One to three cycles, and it’s forgetting into mind wandering.

    I quickly scanned your post from last year. In relation to what Blake wrote, do you still agr…[Read more]

  • Hi Meshe,

    In wonder how big the role of rational examination and the will to renounce this belief in self-existence is? Does it come on its own, is it purely a result of insight and a non-rational experience / examination of reality mainly from meditation? Or do we need to bolster it with a sort of decision “I do not belief in this” and examine…[Read more]

  • Hello Samuel,

    oh I see, I have not heard of that and will look for some information. That sounds a bit like the opposite of renunciation: not renouncing unpleasant emotions or denying them, but applying them as an opportunity to learn and mindfully examine them and their effects. Is there a post / video you can point me to? I’ll also monitor this…[Read more]

  • Hi Samuel,

    I do not understand what do you mean by “usage of unpleasant emotions”? Can you make an example, please? You can not renounce having an emotion. But, with practice, you can work on how you relate to unpleasant emotions and how to react, i.e. do you act them out or do you allow them to just be and base your action on a wholesome emotion…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    I hope I picked the right (sub)-forum.

    I can’t help but to be interested in participating in the teacher training program. Besides many other questions on what is expected in terms of experience and so on, I have a very practical questions around the times of the online classes. Being based in Europe, certain times would be very hard to…[Read more]

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    Yeah, it is progress even if it doesn’t feel like it 🙂

    Cool, I was in my second eSangha(Europe) meeting on Tuesday :). What tucker said to someone else there was, that concentration was not a good measure of “progress” in meditation. But the understanding of how the mind works and what it dies and a growing ability to work with whatever is going…[Read more]

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    Hey Synelg,

    thanks for writing! Yes well, I also have / had my moments of doubt, thinking “this isn’t working” or “when I am meditating with this strong dullness, always spacing out, I am sure making it worse”. But for now I decided to take just don’t get hung up on this. What is said in the book… “the only bad meditation is the one you didn’t…[Read more]

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    For me it helps a lot right now to know how I am not alone in this phase, and that others went trough it!

    After steady “progress” the beginnings of longer concentrated periods now have thrown me back hard with heavy dullness setting in very quickly. I am not yet able to catch it before it gets to strong. But for I while it seemed like totally…[Read more]

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