• I did some Stage 5 / Stage 6 body scanning today during meditation. I felt like my breath was following my body up a down my extremities. Like a sloshing around of energy inside my body. Then, it started to get stronger and more extreme until my breath WAS my body, like being enveloped inside a cloud of energy. I keep thinking “this can’t be…[Read more]

  • Chris replied to the topic Fasting and meditation in the forum Meditation 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I did a 6 day water fast while starting a meditation practice. I don’t recommend it if you are just starting. The majority of your gross distractions will be how you want to eat. (At least in my experience). I would probably do it again when I get to stage 6 or 7.

  • FWIW, I find that practicing one skill at a time for a few days helps a lot. You don’t really have to keep a lot of instruction in your mind. You should really just practice one thing at a time. Once that skill becomes automatic, then you can build on it with more instruction / skills. It should get easier over time. Not harder.