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    I did some Stage 5 / Stage 6 body scanning today during meditation. I felt like my breath was following my body up a down my extremities. Like a sloshing around of energy inside my body. Then, it started to get stronger and more extreme until my breath WAS my body, like being enveloped inside a cloud of energy. I keep thinking “this can’t be right, I need to focus on the breath at the nose” and in so doing, my breath came back to the nose and the cloud of body breath energy started to leave me. Afterwards, my body feels strange like I can continue to feel the breath at my extremities if I hold my attention somewhere. It’s somewhat pleasurable, somewhat strange. Is this part of the process of meditation or something else?


    Darlene T

    Hi Chris,

    The body certainly is sensational and energetic as you have well experienced. Play around with it more…reduce the scope of attention to just one foot and so on…include larger parts such as both legs and pelvis, or just the torso. It doesn’t mean you won’t have sensations in other parts of the body but leave them to the periphery while you focus on the chosen part. Experience the whole body…and “this can’t be right” is not correct. Yes, it is part of the process. It was a perfectly good meditation! Best wishes,

    Darlene Tataryn (TMI Teacher in Training)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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