• Hello, Jem

    In addition to the previously stated advices keep in mind that if you are new to meditating or at least new to a daily meditation practice as suggested in TMI that you may well be experiencing some low energy states that can also manifest as low moods.

    If the body/mind are not used to meditation it may find it quite dull and lead to…[Read more]

  • Hello, Alexander

    There has been a similar thread about dullness that you may also be reading, but a key reading for you would be on page 157 Non-Perceiving Mind Moments which talks about the pleasant sensation and the parts of the conscious mind, which I think will answer your questions clearly. In short yes, they are all real mental…[Read more]

  • Well, I would have to bump you up to the top and suggest you engage in a dialogue with Culadasa directly, as he has graciously offered this service. (And he meets all of the qualifications of being experienced in this technique…!)

    See details at this link:

    Private Consultations

    DT Teacher in training

  • ST1000

    In response to your latest query, on top of all that has been said in this thread, I would suggest that if your mind/body system are out of balance, then you should work with off-the-cushion solutions to bring about balance and ease once again. Meditation can be a window into the dis-ease but may not be the cure.

    Please explore a…[Read more]

  • Michael Dunn replied to the topic Sleeping and meditation in the forum Meditation 5 months ago

    Hello, KJa

    Yes, I have also found that doing the meditation practices while in bed can actually keep me awake, which is a good thing I guess, because then I won’t be falling asleep on the cushion either! In fact, these practices are designed to remove the progressive dullness that can lead to sleepiness, in part by overcoming the habit of…[Read more]

  • Hello, Allen

    TMI is prefereable but its hard to find alot of 10 day free meditation retreats in which you can do TMI.

    The systematic approach of TMI lends itself really well to self-practice and though I do advocate retreats when one can do them, TMI is much easier to practice alone and ensure progress through following instructions in the…[Read more]

  • Hello, Ollie

    The previous comments by Blake and Ivan cover a lot of great material which will be very beneficial to you so I will add something new that may be of help to you.

    During retreat times, when I increase my practice level a lot over my daily schedule, I can quite often get some anxiety. Numerous reasons have been stated above, all…[Read more]

  • Hello, Starflower

    May I ask – in what stage do you think you are practicing at the moment?

    In general, it is perfectly fine to explore the practices ahead as you may actually find yourself in those stages. So if you were considering yourself working in Stage 4 then a Stage 5 practice may be nice to explore, but if you are at Stage 2 then I…[Read more]

  • Hi, Blake

    It becomes clear that as we create causes/karmic potentials constantly through our actions of body, speech, and mind there is a vast amount of ‘data’ being generated (I’ve heard varying figures from 50 – 80 per second). These causes create results/our world just as fast – but what is the order to all of this? I may be generous in one…[Read more]

  • Hello, Jimi

    I also have a very strong tendency to identify myself with my body and thus when my body dies, then I also die. However, if you’ll forgive me for summarizing some of the great and important dharma teachings in a hurry, we can see another way to look at this.

    A consideration of the “I” to start. Who am I? What am I? What if I take…[Read more]

  • Hello, Tom

    Here are links to 2 online meditation groups that I am aware of:

    Nick Grabovac:

    Mindfulness and Meditation Courses

    Tucker Peck:

    Online Classes

    Hope this helps,

    Michael Dunn, teacher in training

  • Hello, Samuel

    Social interactions are unique to each person, and I can see in my life how they have changed over time and where I live and who I am with- there has been no constant. I wouldn’t dare try to tell you how to interact socially. I gather you can figure out the wholesome bit of just doing good and being happy about it.

    My suggestion…[Read more]

  • Hello, Ali

    I’m glad to hear how meditation is bringing you joy and that you have found your practice again.

    Yes, fear can be considered a purification, and not all purifications happen on the cushion so that you could be having this as you get up and contrast to a non-meditating worldview. How do you come out of your meditation? If you use an…[Read more]

  • Hello, Neko

    I hear what you are saying about the generalization on the stages though I think the hierarchical structure works well for communicating this technique through a book.

    Most people don’t need to ask what stage their meditation is in as long as they know what they need to work on in their mind at any time. For example, we all know…[Read more]

  • Hello, Samuel

    Thanks for raising this issue in the forums, I am glad that you felt to do so freely, which is a sign of the community here.

    You may rightly feel that the cost for a service is higher than it should be, but to conclude that there is a cult because of this just doesn’t follow. I’m missing the connection between the price of a…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    I was thinking about this thread this morning, and really liked Colleen’s input.

    In response to your latest question, as part of the 6 step preliminary process, the last is to settle the body in the meditation posture, and at this time it is great to simply impart a smile on the face. Yes, it may seem contrived, so don’t make it a huge…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    Well, a few thoughts and questions for you.

    Firstly, what is your motivation for all of the hard work you have already put into your meditation practice over the course of 4 full years – what has driven you so far along this path, to begin with? Whatever this is, can you use this as a daily motivator to be on the cushion?

    Secondly, and…[Read more]

  • Michael Dunn replied to the topic moments of consciousness in the forum Meditation 1 year ago

    Hello Stephen,

    According to the moments of consciousness model yes, moments of breath are interspersed with moments of awareness, so discrete and so fast that they are imperceptible to most of us, but will be so in the later stages of meditation.

    The term “continuous” means that there are more moments of awareness interspersed with attention,…[Read more]

  • One’s retreat schedule will vary depending on your retreat experience and your meditation level, neither of which are mentioned above. So here are some generic tips about a schedule.

    – Great to have a schedule and try to keep it, but also to be gentle on oneself. Know that a schedule written on paper is easy and ideal, but as you know, life…[Read more]

  • Hi Andrew

    Some of these functions of the mind happen in lower / deeper areas and cannot be measured by eeg. Even if some could you would have to meditate hooked up to an eeg machine and hat, which may affect your meditation.

    If a device could measure all those aspects of your meditation that you list, you would really only be collecting data,…[Read more]

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