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    Hi Jerry,

    It sounds like the overall tone of the meditation at this point is more struggle and less ability to hold everything that is happening with a sense of equanimity, kindness and interest. The process that you describe is familiar to me, and happens when there are unresolved adverse events that have affected my nervous system. It makes…[Read more]

  • Hi Alexander,
    It is a difficult place to be in when the hindrance of doubt is strong, especially if it stops your practice. Some possible ways to deal with doubt may be to talk to a teacher or practitioners who have been in a similar situation and have been able to move through it. Reading dharma books and listening to dharma talks can also be…[Read more]

  • Hi Kim,
    I’m sorry to hear that you are having such significant symptoms. I just came through a period of illness from tick born disease, including adrenal fatigue. There was a lot of brain fog and negative thinking that made practice very unpleasant. I chose to focus on skillful intentions and easy practice, as I was not able to do much…[Read more]

  • Hi Tim,

    It sounds like you have gotten quite good advice from the other folks. Personally, I use standing meditation when I want less sensory input than with walking, but I cannot stay awake. I have found it quite effective, and often use it at the end of the day if I am quite tired, but still want to practice. I keep my knees very slightly…[Read more]

  • Hi Black Ghost,

    You were clear in your posts that you thought it would be a good idea to talk to someone. If you haven’t contacted anyone on the Teacher Training list, and would like to explore speaking with me, I would be willing to email you about our options. This would be by donation, rather than a set fee. I just started the Teacher…[Read more]

  • Hi Black Ghost,

    It sounds like you are feeling frustrated with the inability of the mind to settle. See if the following may be useful, and if not, something else can be tried. It is difficult to do these practices without falling into some expectations of what should be happening. Especially if you have been doing them for awhile. However,…[Read more]

  • Hi Black Ghost,
    In addition to describing a typical sitting, could you share specifics as to how your 6 point preparation for practice goes? Have you tried any of the other forms, such as walking meditation or loving kindness practice, and if so what did you notice? What was the advice from other teachers, and specifically what happened when you…[Read more]

  • Hi Griffin and Peter,

    This topic of mental suffering is a big one for sure, and I have used various approaches to help release the attachments. Noticing the aversion that arises around the habitual thoughts/emotions, and feeling into the physical sensations of that, as well as the physical sensations that are present with the original emotion…[Read more]

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    One of the most useful reflections I have practiced is examination of the aggregates. When examining experience carefully, no discrete, lasting Self can be found, and all the aggregates are experienced as impermanent. When awareness of awareness becomes predominant, it is easy to then take awareness as “the Self.” There’s a strong desire in the…[Read more]

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