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    Hello my fellow friends!

    There’s a lot of great material out there to spark insights (insights and Insights :)) into the truth of reality. In particular, I find a few that I’ve found on No-Self quite interesting and thought provoking. Would love to see any that you’ve found useful. Here are a few that I like:

    Sam Harris, quite an intelligent and clear speaker on the topic:

    Adyashanti, another wise person who speaks from the heart:


    Don Salmon

    Just a note – Culadasa has written an excellent (though very brief) critique of Stephen Batchelor’s view of no-self in TMI. My sense is that he would apply the same critique to Sam Harris, who, while superficially appearing to present a no-self view similar to Buddhism, actually veers way over into the fundamental error of nihilism.

    It could be a very interesting exercise to watch both videos, and see if you can tell the profound difference between Adyashanti’s presentation and that of Sam Harris.



    Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche gives very practical teachings on how to find pure awareness. He avoids the nihilism which could be inherent in spacious awareness, by bringing in the light of awareness into boundless space.


    Don Salmon

    Excellent point, Julie. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche also understands that looking into the “light of awareness” which is inseparable from boundless space, does give insight into the nature of the universe.

    Sam Harris believes that a yogi sitting in a cave, as he describes it, doesn’t have any insight about anything but his own mind.

    It’s this dualism which, to me, pretty much rules out Harris as a source of significant insight about much of anything.



    Hi Don,

    I initially hesitated posting up Sam Harris because he can be such a polarizing figure. I’m a big fan of Sam not because I agree with everything that he says, but because of his genuine (IMO) drive to search for truth out there. I also think he’s a big proponent of talking about things that have been considered taboo, and I share his belief in that this is a way to make progress.

    Perhaps I’m a bit naive because I’m still new to many of these concepts, and I’m certain that my viewpoints will change as I gain insight into the true nature of our conscious experience. I’m also pretty sure that your knowledge of this stuff is leaps and bounds past my dim grasp. I guess you got to start somewhere, right 🙂 Thank you for your comments.

    Hello Julie,

    Thank you for recommending Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. I’m not familiar with his work, but am interested to learn more. Can you provide a little more background on what his viewpoints are? I’m not familiar with some of the terminology you used.



    One of the most useful reflections I have practiced is examination of the aggregates. When examining experience carefully, no discrete, lasting Self can be found, and all the aggregates are experienced as impermanent. When awareness of awareness becomes predominant, it is easy to then take awareness as “the Self.” There’s a strong desire in the mind to attach to something as “the truth” which is lasting, and secure.
    The following from Culadasa is helpful.


    Don Salmon

    Hi JC:

    No problem at all. Sam’s a bright guy, and besides, it’s always quite valuable to examine views that are different from the ones we hold. I make a point of reading right wing and left wing views online, and taking Julie’s suggestion, if you can see the aggregates that make up the empty views, it makes for a good foundation for equanimity, samata!

    Not that there is not something “True” underlying the views, but it takes more than Sam knows to get there:>))

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