• Hello Claudio

    I wonder if the difference in your ability to sit between morning and evening have to do with the context. Do you find yourself more agitated and or stressed from the day activities in the evening compared to the morning sits? If so I would suggest you spend some time tuning into and acknowledging the emotions and feelings that…[Read more]

  • Hey Alex, I am glad you came to see that what you are going through is fairly normal and expected and that is comforting. I am not sure what you mean by “<I am> now worried that I had developed essential tremor or something”, other than it sounds like your are concerned that there is something wrong with you that isn’t normal. I doubt that, but…[Read more]

  • Hi Alec

    Its great to hear you have managed to settle into some early jhana states, particularly with the level of anxiety and insomnia that you seem to have been living with a long time. The symptoms that you are describing suggest that the meditative process is doing what it tends to do, shake loose the internal emotional and psychological…[Read more]

  • Hi Alex, Chloe has provided wonderful context and perspective for the question you asked. There are some implications of your question however that I would like to point out. Mediation is providing you with two skills, the ability to focus your mind where you want it to so that you stop feeding the anxiety. In the process you will also learn…[Read more]

  • Hi Allen, can you clarify where the confeusion or conflicting instructions are between the two. I may just be that there are many ways to purify the subconscious mind and also perhaps, that they are just emphasizing slightly different aspects of the same overall process.

    The Goenka instructions seem valid to my experience, though the challenge…[Read more]

  • Hi St100

    Its good that your apparently repressed anger is starting to make its way out of your shadow and into the light of awareness and you seem to be handling the arisings quite well. One technique I have found very useful in helping to resolve anger is to ask your self “How is this person/ situation HURTING me?” If you can shift from…[Read more]

  • Hey Nelson, not at all and I am sorry that wasn’t clear. I was basically speaking to the issue that Samuel brought up, and kind of streamlined it to him, since he expressed that he was very upset by Culadasa charging so much money, that it now felt like a cult, and that he no longer felt comfortable sending his friends to the website (hence the…[Read more]

  • So you are invited to a restaurant which offers lots of low cost and nutritious food and even lots of free food for anyone to enjoy. The owner also offers vegan protein smoothies and incredible vegan main courses for a premium price, for those who can afford it and who want to subsidize the low cost and free food.

    Do we really think it would…[Read more]

  • Hi Samuel. Sorry to see that you are so upset by this but your position and reasoning perplexes me. Culadasa has offered to share his wonderful insights and teachings in written and oral form, much of it for free and easily accessible all over the internet. Why are you upset that he is willing to charge someone for personal services to…[Read more]

  • Hi Black Ghost, Schema therapy sounds like they are pointing in the right direction but given its a descendant of CBT and more traditional lines of psychoanalytic therapies they may be a bit too much on the talk and not enough on the body and the emotions. There are some lineages of therapy that have specialized in accessing the more raw…[Read more]

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  • Hello Black Ghost.

    I’m sorry to hear you are having such difficulty and also amazed that you have persevered so long with so little apparent progress. I have a few suggestions that look at your challenges from a number of different angles, hopefully one of which may resonate with you and help.

    The first, especially since you are suffering…[Read more]