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    Nice to see you guys and i very much appreciate culadasa for teaching.

    Now on to the topic. It appears that I’m currently struggling to get past Stage 3 and even the 4 preliminary stages quite often. What seems to trouble me is that I often forget to appreciate the aha moment upon knowing that I was forgetting. When I realize I forgot the breath sensation or w.e sensation i was observing during 4 preliminary stages i seem to immediately go back to the sensation and not apprecite it. Is is beneficial for me to realize I have gotten back to the breath immediately and just note it? Or should i constantly remind myself to appreciate aha moment before forgetting so that i don’t easily forget? The second issue i have is that when i get to stage 3, it seems that there is intense pounding or heavinesd in my chest. It appears that I’m breathing quiet normally but it seems like there is this lack of air that makes me want to gasp in lot of air. When I just let it br and observe it it turns to tingly, pleasant feeling that confuses me( am i breathing really? Why do i feel butterfly in my stomach? This intense pain and weird feeling constantly happen for my 1 hour 20 min session everytime which bothers me a bit and sometimes disturb the peace. The third issue i have is that it feels like i’m getting through the 4 preliminary stages extremely slowly. I have this mindset of mastering specific skills such as appreciating aha moment so that my foundation is strong. So what happens is that if i see that my skills are lacking i will reside in that 4 preliminary stages until i see that mastery of stage 2 ( mind wandering lasts seconds attention on breath longer period) is within reach). So i start out stage 3 without doing stage 2 and begins the seeing the beginning and ending of breath in stage 3 as well as following and connecting. Lastly, I’m also supplementing with mahasi style noting practice all day. Wondering if this is an issue as well

    I think that’s it for now. Thank you guys so much!



    a very humble opinion, … building a solid foundation is very good, take as long as you need or want. Over analyzing- hmmmmm, sounds like you are doing just fine. be patient. Relax , take your time. no worry too much. You are on your way to being great meditation practioner. m4


    I only have a thought regarding appreciating the moment where you come back to the breath. I went through exactly what you describe in my practice. The mind would notice it was off the breath, then automatically go back to the breath before I was consciously aware of having forgotten the breath.

    The main thing for me was to accept that whenever I became consciously aware that I had remembered the breath was the moment to appreciate. After some practice, the mind does start to self-correct. Others might correct me but I think that’s part of the process and in general a good thing.

    So here’s what this looked like in practice for me:

    1. Attention on the breath.
    2. Distraction takes attention from the breath.
    3. The mind corrects and puts attention back to the breath automatically.
    4. Conscious recognition that attention was not on the breath but the mind has automatically brought attention back to the breath.
    5. Stop and appreciate the moment.

    In my opinion, you now actually have even more to appreciate than before. Not only are you appreciating that you remembered the breath, you are also appreciating that the mind went back to the breath all on its own.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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