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    Andrew C

    It can also be experienced as a gradient, where the end of the gradient scale is the very strong physical/mental pliancy being discussed. So you could certainly have the beginnings of pliancy which is allowing a long comfortable sit(2-3 hours). This would very likely be accompanied by pleasant bodily sensations and other phenomena — but is not yet the fully mature pliancy discussed in the later stages.

    Thanks Ivan.
    I am not sure if that will always stand true. My guess is that this depends on the how absorbed the meditator is at that time. Take for example, a very strong distinguishable noise that occurred during meditation, in most cases would be visible through consciousness though not affecting. This may apply to the strong pain due to posture / flexibility issues such as people who sit in lotus pose or hunching.


    Andrew C

    I wanted to give this link and highly suggest listening to the “Meditation and Insight” retreat, just scroll down the window to find it.
    It has some really great info about Insight, which is, after all why we meditate in the first place.

    Thanks Ivan, this is great. Will give it a listen.

    And thanks to all who have been answering my queries.

    With Metta,



    The zafu is a terrible choice of cushion if you are not sitting full lotus. In half lotus, the heel of the lower leg is pressed against the protruding curvature of the cushion. Get a crescent shaped cushion and you will never regret it. Zipper allows you to adjust the amount of filler in the cushion.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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