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    I get together with some friends every couple of months and we go over a sutta or 2 in depth. We were looking at this sutta.

    In the metaphor at the end tranquility and insight come to consciousness via the 8-fold path. If we see that the path is developmental then we see that not only tranquility is developed but so is insight. Many teachers talk of insight as this event or series of events but the sutta’s metaphor is describing insight inline with the graduated training. So how to help foster the development of insight? Spend some time seeing via the lenses of the 5 insights. Periodically look thru the lenses of anicca, dukkha, anatta, idappacayata and sunnata. It does not have to be only when you are meditating.

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    What is this ego that might “do as it pleases”?
    -A mental construct, a thought that can potentially bear fruit to become action.

    Is there really a thing called ego that lives inside the head, has a mind of it’s own and wants to take over, as is implied by the language of many teachers?
    -No, but then what is it that struggles between pursuing the path (wholesome) vs chasing desires (unwholesome)? Can this not cause one to go back too old unwholesome habits?

    Can one be fully present and mindful in the midst of unwholesome action?

    Or is it just another type of thought?
    -Yes, a thought.

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    Ivan Ganza

    Every moment is pregnant with the possibility for Insight. Insight is simply seeing how things really are. They have never been different than how they really are. Only our false assumptions appeared to temporarily cloud the true state of things.

    It’s not too hard to find brilliant scientific facts, or just puzzle it around in ones mind, and have a little “aha”, well, obviously things cannot be the way I think, this or that proves it differently.

    Generally that only scratches the surface however. Does not penetrate the armor we’ve built up over a lifetime.

    In order to penetrate deeply, unification of mind helps soften the armor. In order to unify the mind — practice along the stages as outlined does what is needed.

    Does that mean you have to wait for Insight to arise until after the mind is unified? Absolutely not!

    Concentration and Insight are like the two wings of a bird. Both are needed to take flight. You will inevitably start to see as you do the practices and observe what is happening.

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