• Hello guys:

    I have been meditating, following instructions from TMI for about 4 months. I was wondering if you guys can help me out on this!
    It seems like I do most of the appreciating the aha moment in the 4 stages of awareness of sensation ( from taking all sensation into limiting to breath by 4 stages). How long should I stay in this 4 stage?…[Read more]

  • Hello guys. I’ve been seriously practicing TMI for 2 months and I’m a bit stuck. It appears that my patience makes me stay in 6 prelimary staged far too long. Sometimes it takes me an hour to progress through them and then begin breath awareness for final 30 mins Can anyone clarify as to how one knows one can begin breath awareness?

    This is my…[Read more]

  • Nice to see you guys and i very much appreciate culadasa for teaching.

    Now on to the topic. It appears that I’m currently struggling to get past Stage 3 and even the 4 preliminary stages quite often. What seems to trouble me is that I often forget to appreciate the aha moment upon knowing that I was forgetting. When I realize I forgot the b…[Read more]