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    Thanks, Tom.

    The whole point is to become *skilled* at meditation, right? So it makes sense to take as much time as needed to assure that the right skills are being developed. And you’ve pointed out some great examples from your perspective. So taking my time and working more with the breath makes too much sense to ignore.


  • Thank you Raza and Chris for your replies. You have both confirmed what I was thinking.

    I’m not in a hurry, and I really like the idea of making sure I’m taking advantage of every tool in the book and that I’m mastering as many skills as I can. I think I’m going to work with the skills suggested for stage 3, and when I feel very comfortable with…[Read more]

  • Hi friends.

    When I read the conclusion of Stage Three, it says:

    “You have mastered Stage Three when forgetting and mind-wandering no longer occur, and the breath stays continually in conscious awareness.” It continues, “The mind still roams, but it’s ‘tethered’ to the meditation object, never getting too far away; the unconscious mental…[Read more]

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    Years ago (in the 90s), I used to do a 24-hour water-only fast on Fridays. Knowing I was fasting, and trying to maintain focus on a spiritual object or symbol, I felt this combination enhanced my meditations.

    Last year, I was living in Thailand and decided to start fasting again. However, this time, I didn’t notice a particular enhancement to my…[Read more]

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