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    Björn W

    Hi all, I’d like to ask you about an experience that I have more and more often going through life recently.

    I’ll try to explain it with an example. Let’s say there is another person which I find a bit annoying because they seem so impatient (just as an example). Now my perception shifts and I’m aware that when thinking about this person and their impatience there’s first a somatic experience of impatience in me and then some kind of a mental/conceptual label that attributes the impatience to someone else (but it is mine in the sense that it is arising in my body and my awareness). But the moment this process is recognized it loses its power.

    A similar thing happens not only with the supposed characteristics of other people but also with situations, institutions, or ideas about possible futures. They are often suddenly reduced to somatic experiences that are merely conceptualized as something external.

    The whole thing feels very different than the “regular mindfulness” that I used to know before, a la “Oh, there is a thought about another person but I’m aware that it’s just a thought and likely not the reality.” This instead doesn’t feel so much like a mental insight and it feels really good because the awareness for my somatic experience usually leads to a very rapid emotional and bodily regulation a few moments later. It makes me emotionally balanced like never before.

    Or is this just “mindfulness” and it took me so long to really get it? But it feels quite profound because it pretty much deconstructs other people as mental constructs on top of my own somatic experience.

    Can anyone help me to put this experience in a broader perspective, TMI or otherwise?

    Thanks a lot!

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