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    Out of interest, has anyone noticed out of the ordinary events occurring shortly after emerging from a session? After a session, when my mind is quietened, focused and mindful, I often find that an immediate effect is that electrical equipment will malfunction such as lights not working or objects move. This can even occur during a session, for example, I know this sounds bizarre (and amusing), but the wooden end of a curtain pole dropped onto the floor during a session with a rather loud bang. After the session, I checked the poles – I put them up myself and the rest were firmly in place, as I’m sure this one was… I have also witnessed a vajra ‘teleport’ from the lap of my Buddha rupa in a flash of light to a few feet away. This was the first time in my life I’ve ever observed an object move of its own volition – being a career scientist, this ‘breakdown’ of the known laws of physics made me seriously reconsider ‘reality’. Do these pehenomena become common as one progresses, and what do they signify if anything? I often feel as well, during sessions that the ‘Universe’ is sort of ‘holding its breath’ and itself becomes very quiet and is somehow or someone is very aware of me meditating, as quietly and aware as I am meditating myself. Curious…

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