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    It’s not  a book on Dharma, but on philosophy.  In the second half of the book, the “Persons” part, the author tries to determine, using rigorous logic and imaginative thought experiments, exactly what can be  discovered about what makes a person a person, and what makes a person in the present the same person as they were a year ago.

    Here is a BBC special that was based on the book:

    I find the book very challenging to read, but fascinating nonetheless. Although Parfit is not a Buddhist and was not familiar with Buddhism when he wrote the book, there is a striking similarity between his conclusions and the Buddhas teachings on Self.


    Blake Barton

    It is interesting that he arrived at some of the same conclusions as the Buddha.


    Jordan Hill

    Here’s a book that’s downloadable for free– Daniel Ingram’s “Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: an unusually hardcore dharma book.”

    I must say that it is quite hardcore, in a sense. Controversial and critical of Western Buddhism, though making some great points and sharing some excellent alternative visions through it all. I’ve found it quite useful and inspiring.

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