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    Hi everyone,

    I’m Tucker, a meditation teacher in Culadasa’s lineage. I’ve gotten to know many of you through eSangha, the weekly advanced meditation class I teach on Google Hangout video chat.

    I wanted to invite anyone who is interested to join a six-week eSangha introductory meditation course, based on the philosophy of The Mind Illuminated. It will meet on Sundays from 8 – 9:30 PM Eastern (US), also on Google Hangout.

    Additionally, I have gotten a few requests recently via this forum to create an eSangha that would be accessible to meditators in Europe. If enough people are interested, we could set up a group to meet around 18:00 GMT on a weeknight. If you’d be interested in joining either of these groups, you can read more about me and the classes, and also contact me, via http://www.meditatewithtucker.com.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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