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    Maria L

    Dear all,

    This is my first question in the forum. Gald and grateful that something like this exists!

    I started following the TMI method ca. 1 year ago. I made -I believe- relatively good progress, which I can summarise as follows:
    – I have a daily practice of 45 min, always in the morning
    – Unless particular conditions at play, I don’t forget the breath, I don’t feel any physical pain (on the contrary, I normally feel pleasure, which is one of the reasons why look forward to sit and meditate), and I don’t feel dullness (at least strong dullness, although occasionally I do feeel slightly spaced-out)
    – With distractions is much more variable: sometimes they really disappear altogether (a wonderful, peaceful feeling) , others there are a lot!

    I tried the light jhanas. I have also tried -before and in between- other meditation practices, mostly mindfulness of breathing & open awareness. I guess I’ve jumped to and fro a bit too much, so I’m lately back to basics: just resting on the breath, watching out for distractions & making sure I’m really engaging with the breath.

    Now, since a month or so, I’m feeling this tightness in the solar plexus, which make belly breathing almost impossible. If I observe this sensation, I feel that it either intensifies or it moves upwards through the chest & remains stuck in the throat. The grip in the throat can become very intense, in which case I feel traces of it during the rest of the day. Interestingly enough, as I’m writing, it sort of comes back.

    Any idea why this could be happening? Any recommendations or suggestions?

    Many thanks & kindest regards,




    I won’t be able to help you, but I am very curious what Stage you are on and where you are headed. I am always measuring my progress by the requirements for mastery of the Stage I am on, and looking to move to the next Stage to learn new skills required to continue on the path toward Stage Ten.
    Thanks, Tom


    Alex K

    Hi Maria,

    Im not able to help you with any practical advice but I wish you well in your practice.

    Kind regards,


    Maria L

    Hi, Tom,

    That’s a good question :))

    I went all the way through up to ca. stage 7, following the instructions quite precisely. I could clearly identify specific signs of progress (e.g. not forgetting, overcoming dullness, at one point it started to happen that distractions would altogether disappear for a good part of the meditation and I sort of was left there observing my mind pretty much empty of thoughts, I could also observe the acquired appearance of the breath, then I tried the whole-body jhana, I did undergo some very unusual bodily experiences, and so on). But then I also started exploring other types of meditation, and I believe I got a bit lost.

    I’m aware that I have not assimilated / internalised all of it. I can see how I’m too dependant on following instructions and, also, that the conditions of the moment are too determinant of the results. That’s why I’ve recently decided to focus exclusively on TMI and go back to basics, i.e. start all over again.

    In this second round I’m somewhere between stage 4 and 6. I do have a problem with distractions occasionally. I have to overcome the temptation of following mundane insights. My target now is to ensure that I can overcome distractions independently of the present moment conditions.



    Maria L

    Thanks, Alex, you are very kind.

    Wishing you well too.



    Blake Barton

    Hi Maria,

    I think you could be experiencing something similar to Alex. Please see my response, to him, from today.


    Best Wishes,
    Blake – DT Teacher


    Maria L

    Hi Blake,

    There are noticeable signs of pacification of the senses going on (mainly on the proprioception & visual side), so it can well be that the process of unification of mind is getting stuck. Even if I cannot think about any issue in particular, I’m sure I can do with some purification of mind; so I’ll do some loving-kindness & take up the Mindful Review.

    Many thanks,

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