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    I’m just wondering if anyone else is experiencing what is described on #7, p. 249, and pictured on p. 250?
    I’m in stage 2, and did read the “Important Reminders about Extraordinary Experiences” on p. 251.

    However, I did Qi Gong for 3 years some years back, and have ready access to subtle energies.

    As I do my walking and/or warm water swimming pool meditations, these currents arise spontaneously, and are calming and revitalizing. Both calming and revitalization are important to me, just now.

    Anyway, would love to hear from anyone who has also been experiencing what is said on the top of p. 251 of The Mind Illuminated: ‘Remember, these energy currents are actually manifestations of unification of mind and lead to a mental state called meditative joy.”
    And on p. 253: “You’ll perceive energy currents circulating smoothly through the body, along with physical comfort, pleasure, stability and intense joy”.
    Mary Hill


    Kurt S

    From what I understand, they are quite common. As for myself, sensations of energy are readily available and I’ve experienced many different flavors so to speak. I’m not sure that there’s any significance to it other than what is said in the book, so I try not to read too much into it. It seems like everyone’s mind/body reacts somewhat differently to meditation.


    Hi Mary

    Yes, they are very common. Everyone is different, however, in terms of their frequency and intensity. They can also be quite wonderful and energizing as well we really disruptive and exhausting. But as you progress on the path they tend stabilize into the wonderful and energizing.




    Thanks for the replies. What surprised me is that although I am in Stage 2, that the subtle energies came through as soothing and reassuring. As a way of my unconscious and/or subconscious responding to my need for soothing and comfort.


    Hi Maryhill

    That’s a great gift that they’re coming so soon. It can make developing a regular practice much easier. Anything you can do to link positive feelings to sitting practice is beneficial.



    Don Salmon

    I’ve experienced subtle energies for many years (as well as perceiving subtle energies in the environment and others) but generally felt the common advice to either ignore or not be too distracted by them was the best approach.

    I’ve only found in the last several years that “relaxing” in relation to them is a powerful aid to focusing the mind. I’m new to Culadasa’s teaching but perhaps this relates to his later teachings on effortlessness. It almost seems like “something” of those “energies” takes over and guides the mind to deep quiet without any apparent conscious intention on “my” part.

    I don’t mean to recommend this as a “practice” – though perhaps being subliminally aware of the possibility may lead to a similar relaxation.

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