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    For some reason, I keep thinking about the following part of the book:
    “First, carefully observe the sensations between the beginning and end of the in-breath until you can recognize three or four distinct sensations every time… With practice, the number of sensations you recognize will increase. It’s possible to consistently identify between four and maybe a dozen or more sensations with each in-breath, and a somewhat smaller number for each out-breath (the sensations are subtler).
    The Mind Illuminated:(p. 99).”

    My question is: Is there a recommended frame for recognizing the sensations? Do I try to label them according to the Four Elements (and their 12 qualities)? Do I just label them in my own naive language, like “wavy bloaty” ;-), do I assign some generic label to them, like R1, R2? Does it useful for the practice to “maintain” the library of this sensations and remember that I have experienced a particular sensation already? I noticed that if I give some kind of a name to different sensations it enables me to work with them more easily, to un-attach myself more easily, to balance the charged ones more easily etc.

    The second part of the same question is if you can give me a good direction to learn the Four Elements meditation.
    In all cases, I would love to learn more about the 12 qualities. I have difficulties to discern them, except for the obvious ones, like heat and coldness.

    Thank you very much for your help.



    Hi dear Gleb,
    I do not make a verbal noting of the sensation in the nose, just sort of feel them. And I do not characterize them with some verbal description. This rapid verbal noting would make it more of a Mahasai style noting where you dont get deep juicy concentration as I have understood it. I have not tried.

    Try to feel feel the sensations in 3D shapes. Small areas (as small as possible) big areas, investigate areas you dont normally investigate. Try to be more precise. (Inspired by The mindful geek book but I think there is the same idea in the section of four elements in stage five)
    Feel how they move, or change — this would be the inner wind aka the wind element aka prana.
    Feeling more increases this sensory ”muscle” — sensory clarity in the mindful geek. It increases mindfulness according to TMI.

    Maybe above is correct, some partial answers 🙂 .
    I am alsointerested in the 12 qualities I have not heard of those.



    Hi, Magnolia.
    Thank you so much for your pointers. I will definitely try 3D-ing the experience. I know exactly what you mean! Thank you for the book recommendation. I’ll go thru for sure.

    Regarding the 12 qualities: This is the free book I found that speaks about the 4 Elements and their 12 qualities, but I still not discerning them well. I feel the power of mastering my meditation this way though.
    Warmest wishes for the day,

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