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    I’ve been a listener of Culadasa’s dharma talks for two years now and am very excited about the imminent publication of his book! I pre-ordered the book today and was impressed by the testimonials section on Amazon which I think is very strong. Great job on that!

    I thought of a few ways to promote the book, so I thought I would post them here. Feel free to look into or ignore them as you see fit.

    One of the best ways to gain exposure these days is through podcasts. I don’t listen to many Buddhist podcasts, but I do have a few suggestions.

    Most obvious is the “Buddhist Geeks” podcast. As far as I am aware this is the most popular Buddhist podcast on the internet, and I think they would be happy to have Culadasa on.

    Another idea is the “Duncan Trussell Family Hour.” Duncan Trussell is a Buddhist standup comedian, and his podcast has tens of thousands of listeners. He has previously interviewed Sharon Salzberg, John Kornfield and other Buddhist teachers.

    Finally, though a long shot, is Sam Harris’s “Waking Up” podcast. Both Sam Harris and Culadasa share a lot in common, being former neuroscientists with interest in meditation. However, it might be difficult to gain his attention.

    Besides podcasts, another idea would be a Reddit AMA (ask me anything). These are usually pretty popular. It could possibly be on /r/meditation, /r/buddhism or /r/IamA.

    Those are all of my suggestions. If anyone else has ideas on how to promote the book, perhaps you could share them here.


    Hi Paul

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve emailed them to our PR folks. Hopefully they’re on it.

    Be well



    Chris Gagne

    I think the Reddit AMA would be brilliant. +1 to that suggestion.



    Speaking of Reddit, these days I see someone mentioning The Mind Illuminated nearly every time I visit /r/meditation. It’s the most frequently recommended book on that subreddit right now, which I find quite exciting because it has a fairly large audience and high branching factor, so a lot of new people will learn about the book.


    Blake Barton

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for sharing the information from Reddit. It is good to hear that The Mind Illuminated is receiving positive publicity on that site. I think word of mouth is very important.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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