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    Orhan K

    I started learning about meditation beginning of this year and attended the Shambhala retreat in July. For the last couple of weeks, I have been hearing a sound in my head which I believe is results of meditation. It is maybe about 1000 Hz. vibration which is located on top part of my head or brain. I do not have tinnitus or any ear issues and the noise is not in my ears. I can tune into this noise anytime during the day and kinda exist in it. I also have been experimenting with focusing on it during meditation and it works. It does not bother me in anyway since I can tune it out or focus on it.
    I now remember that I heard this noise before in my life and just ignored it. But now it is always there if I want to invoke it.
    I am wondering the source of it: 1) is it because my brain’s wiring is changing and I got some feedback loop or 2) is it because I am becoming more sensitive and hearing something which was always there.
    Sometimes I can hear my hearth beat modulating this vibration. So it is two separate frequencies.
    I am also wondering if this is a stage and this noise will disappear or will I always have access to it.


    Hi Orhan

    Sound has also been a prominent feature of practice for me. Some type of internally generated sound is often one of the “signs” that concentration is deepening. If I turn attention to the sound, concentration tends to deepen even further to the point where “I” can be enveloped in a kind of soundscape… which is quite pleasant. It’s interesting because sound becomes highly tactile – the soundscape becomes a feeling scape. My sense is, for some people, using sound as a meditation object can be highly effective (which seems to be what you’re saying above “… it works”).

    That said, I don’t think what you’re talking about is exactly the same as I’m describing. You seem to be talking about a sound that’s always present and you’re just becoming sensitive to it as the mind quiets. Is that correct? Or is it related to the depth of concentration in practice? In other words, when you sit down and concentration increases, does the sound intensify?


    Orhan K

    Hi Matt,
    Sound intensifies if I shift my attention to it as a meditation object during the meditation. It makes a great meditation object because it creates an all encompassing sensation.

    It also intensifies as my mind calms down during focusing on breath.

    Do you have it during the day? Now it is present for me 24 hours a day. Even when I am partially awake for a few minutes during the night. It is just a matter of turning my attention to it. During the day, when I focus on the sound, it stops other thoughts and becomes the only thing in my mind for a while.

    For people who have not experienced it, closest thing is the humming of the refrigerator. You hear it if you pay attention to it.



    Hi Orhan and Mathew .
    This problem is exactly the reason why I am here and searching to find an answer how or what should I do than.
    I have this tactile sound almost throughout the day , only I have learned not to pay attention to it , otherwise I couldn’t function regularly. It sounds as if I am sitting always in a plane. During meditation praxice or for example during reading and normal concentration I have a very strong tactile rubbing around the third eye. I believe my ego self is coming into a struggleprocess because otherwise I or what remains from me should enter in some higher realms of third eye or consciousness. I have a strong feeling as if I am in a continual struggle at some border in the forehead region. Not that I do that deliberately. I just try to ignore all this and deepen the awerness of bodybreathing . But all this stuff gets stronger and louder hand in hand.



    Other than sound seeming like a good meditation object for you, I’m not sure of its significance. Thus all I can really say is use sound as you see fit … whether you’re hearing it in the context of formal meditation or daily life.

    Be well


    Lesley Baker

    Hi Orhan
    I have seen your post and replies and I thought I would say that I have also practiced using the inner sound in my head. I am now a teacher-in-training with Dharma Treasure and Culadasa and have used the breath as my object of attention for a long while. However recently I revisited the inner sound. I was introduced to this from a book called The Law of Attention Nada Yoga and the Way of Innee Vigilance and it was my first meditation practice. This inner sound is initially described as a primordial sound. The practice was to notice it and it’s component sounds, always aiming to focus on the highest finest frequency. I found the practice very useful and it helped stabilise my mind for all my future practices. I also found it settled my mind into meditation well when I revisited it. I, like you, can choose to hear it all not. It has many frequencies and appears to be present in different regions of my brain. Although, being sound, it often isn’t restricted to boundaries. Ultimately we need to stabilise our attention and then in the later stages of practice, be able to move our attention at will, and this sound might be of use to you, but using the breath has deepened my meditation and following the guidance in TMI has helped that progression. Enjoy your practice.




    Hi Orhan,Khaled, Matthew, Lesley,
    Having read what you wrote, I would say that my experience is as follows: I certainly hear the sound while meditating , almost always but I leave it on the background in the peripheral awareness and it doesn’t bother me at all.
    I would say that the best way of starting to solve the problem of the inner sound is to re-read pgs 245-246 of the book: Sixth Interlude. Pacification of the Auditory For me this book is a real treasure or an encyclopedia where one can find the answers to almost everything about our minds but reading it many times sometimes is needed because it is dense and inmense and “hearing” deeply is needed. I personally need to read it many many more times to get it better…
    I hope this helps
    The best to you all!


    Orhan K

    Thank you for the Nada Yoga book reference. I will check it out.
    Not much written about this sound but claims like “God or Angels are talking to you” and “now your Clairvoyant”.
    I was curious if it was only me and also the physiological reasons behind this sound.
    Currently I am hearing a stationary single pure frequency. The components of the sound you described might be the harmonics of a principal frequency.
    Matthew, Ana, Khaled, thank you for your inputs and telling me that I am not the only one.
    Best to all,



    This is an interesting thread. I have noticed this “sound of silence” myself many times in the past, but never gave it much thought. I picked up the book Lesley referred to above and read through the initial chapters up to “Nada Yoga Part I” – and this morning I tried to use that sound as my object of meditation. It went pretty well and I felt rather collected, more so than I usually do when using the breath as the object of meditation. I think I’m going to play around with this for a while and see what happens.

    Also thanks to Ana for the reference to Culadasa’s section on Pacification of the Auditory.

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