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    Hello Sangha,

    I’ve only read up to stage four but I’m familiar that in one of the following stages you focus on the breath of the entire body. I’ve heard people talk about Ajaan Lee’s Method in reference to this, as being a good way to make yourself jhana-prone and also very sensitive to these pathways where the breath can be felt. Has anyone looked to his instructions for whole body breathing in tandem with TMI, in a similar way that one may look more deeply into Leigh Brasington’s books for elaboration on jhana practice?

    I’m not totally certain on this next point, but it seems that Thanissaro Bhikkhu is within the same approach and he recommends experimenting with the breath by controlling it in various ways for *concentration* practice in this short audio clip:

    In the past, on occasion, I noticed that a certain breathing pattern would lead to absorption with the right awareness of the pattern, without ever controlling my breath consciously. Analogous to remembering the combination to an old padlock you haven’t used in a long time, as you put it in each number and successively knowing the next one, one by one.

    Thanks for being here,

    Jhapeti James


    Blake Barton

    Hi Jhapeti James,

    I have read some of Ajaan Lee’s writings a few years ago, and I believe he influenced Thanissaro Bhikkhu. I have not really combined this with TMI, and I never really liked controlling the breath. It was just one more thing to do, but it sounds like you found an effortless way to do it. TMI does teach using the whole body breath as a way to enter a lighter version of the Jhanas.

    Best Wishes,
    Blake – DT Teacher



    Thanks for your thoughts Blake!

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