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    Don Salmon

    Hi Folks:

    If anybody would like to try this and provide feedback I’d be delighted to hear from you.


    Initially, you’re being asked to listen with “narrow” attention (rigid, selective attention, as Culadasa might put it) to the piano melody alone, trying to push away everything else (kind of the way people often do breath awareness, grasping onto the breath and trying to push away thoughts as if fighting a war).

    In the next section (about 2 minutes or so into the track) you keep the main “selective attention” focus on the same piano melody, but staying open with peripheral awareness to everything else that is happening.

    The 2nd section is broken into 2 parts – first, we have “nice” sounding bass, marimba, bells, flute and other musical instruments to allow into your peripheral awareness while your selective attention is primarily focused on the piano melody.

    In the 2nd part of the 2nd section, I introduce all kinds of wild sounds – gospel choir, electric guitar, etc – to challenge your ability to calmly balance selective attention and peripheral awareness. The key – as always – is to not react but calmly open to everything while maintaining a very gentle focus on the melody – kind of like being in physical or emotional pain or having a cacophony of thoughts, and not fighting but simply opening to them while staying gently focused on the breath.

    If you or anyone else tries it, I’d love to get feedback



    Cool idea! Really interesting and fun exercise. Especially the last part – quite a challenge. 🙂


    Don Salmon

    thanks much for listening. We’re going to put together a video too; just working on it now:>)) (may be awhile though; we probably won’t get the youtube channel for this up for at least several weeks).

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