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    Hello Culadasa and Blake

    I have been practicing TMI techniques from past 2 years and have almost completed Stage 4. Now I really want to practice Mindfulness in daily life along with daily meditation practice. TMI talks about applying mindfulness in daily life but there are no specific examples to guide us how to go about it. I am posting this thread because I would like to understand what it means to apply mindfulness and how does one apply mindfulness to any situation in daily life? For example, if I am eating or driving what do I do to apply mindfulness to these tasks? Do I set an intention to be mindful or set intention to focus on the task and maintain peripheral awareness at same time? I am totally confused when it comes to practice being mindful in daily life. I really need your help in guiding me through this process. Can you please help me?


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    Great question! I have attached a file that I put together for some students. I think it may shed some light on your question.

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    Blake Barton

    Hi Prashant,

    I also recommend reading the Mindful Review in Appendix E of The Mind Illuminated.

    You might also take a look at this thread.

    Best Wishes,

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