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    Alex K


    I hope I picked the right (sub)-forum.

    I can’t help but to be interested in participating in the teacher training program. Besides many other questions on what is expected in terms of experience and so on, I have a very practical questions around the times of the online classes. Being based in Europe, certain times would be very hard to meet (e.g. middle of the night) or almost impossible to attend on a regular basis (during my work hours).

    Some questions that could help me understand the situation better:
    -Are the online classes exclusively held on weekends?
    -Is the schedule more or less fixed, or do the times / days change regularly or infrequently?
    -Is anyone participating in the teacher training, who is based in Europe or Asia and would be willing to share some information on how it is manageable to attend the classes?

    As a side question: are you expected to have reached a certain stage consistently in order to participate? It seems not, from the description of the training. I am working at stage 4 with first steps in stage 5. I have been doing the TMI for a year and 10 months. Some voice inside tells me, what are you doing, thinking you could help people learn to meditate, another tells me to share what I have learned so far (there is much more I know) and help others.

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    Blake Barton

    Hi Alex,

    The teacher training classes are typically fixed at 10:00 AM US Arizona time on the weekends. I just checked and this would be 6:00 PM in London. Arizona does not participate in daylight savings time, so 1/2 of the year we are on Pacific standard time, and the other half it’s Mountain standard time.

    There are typically more applicants than available slots in the teacher training classes, so meditation and retreat background will be considered in the admission process.

    I spoke to with Culadasa this morning and they are planning to roll out an additional teacher training class soon. Please look on DharmaTreasure.org for details.

    We are also in the process of creating a new TMI Dedicated Practitioner Program which will be a prerequisite for all future teacher training classes (after the next one). It is expected that this class will be easier to get into than the teacher training program, because it will be open to more participants.

    Blake – DT Teacher



    “We are also in the process of creating a new TMI Dedicated Practitioner Program”…


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