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    Hello dear technical staff

    first off: thanks for everything. This is a good and useful place to be.

    Just one gripe: I seem to be unable to edit my own posts (after having posted them that is).
    Whith me being a somewhat sloppy formatter/writer this leaves a good percentage of typos/less than perfectly worded paragraphs and whatnot on the forums: not good for anyone involved.
    Yes: I do try to format and word my posts correctly. It’s just that I keep performing less than perfectly.
    So my question(s): did I just fail to find the edit funcionality?
    Or is it really missing? If so: would it be possible to enable it for common users like myself?

    Thanks in advance, be well.



    Alex M

    Hello, editing works at least for me. “EDIT” link has low contrast and may not be visible well on some kinds of displays, see attachment.

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    Oh, thanks a lot!
    How could I miss that. It’s right there.
    Very cool. Thanks!

    Edit: Edited, just to try out the editing function.
    My life just became better 🙂

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