• Blake,

    In your salutary role as web administrator, I notice that you occasionally have to respond to stray scrawlings on the wall and referee the various comments derived therefrom. Please, Allow me a technical comment for your future reference.

    Nearly all of the known described and documented meditation methods are “concentrated object”…[Read more]

  • A couple of months ago my Amazon account received notice of a future publication that was to be a ‘practice manual’ companion to TMI. It sure looked legit. A couple of weeks later the notice disappeared. Is this a real project or an information mistake?

  • Hello Cheese,

    First, go to Wikipedia and look up “schizotypal personality disorder”. Make of that what you will. You decide.

    The Chan poem Ivan quoted from is by Hung-chih, a master of Silent Illumination, which is my current practice. What you should know about this poem is that it describes the mature outcomes of that path, not at all anything…[Read more]

  • Piti is entirely mental phenomena. But if you get anxious about it, you can become really ill. Mental, it comes and it goes. Try to focus your attention on locating very precisely the origin of a particularly bothersome sensation. Pinpoint it!

    But there is another side you must know. This usually arises for most of us as beginners in the form of…[Read more]

  • I am not a teacher and TMI only mentions in passing what happens soon for you, so I am definitely “talking out of school”.

    The breath sensation has a physical component and a mental component. Your nerves feel the air passing and your subconscious mind continuously tracks that activity to regulate the breathing in and out. Your breath should be…[Read more]

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    I agree with your scepticism that this is not “the inner sound” of Nada Yoga. Hitting the one hour sit I take as the proximate cause, and I am working on doing that twice per day. The strangest thing for me has been different ways of hearing my refrigerator when not meditating, in sound volume, tones and location. I find nothing in TMI…[Read more]

  • Wiley Fox replied to the topic Ears always ringing in the forum Meditation 2 years ago

    Same here, B Arnold. Right now.

    Exactly as I began getting to one hour sits, the ear ringing began and has not desisted. I have tinnitis, but this is something else. Also hearing my pulse at times. I generally felt irritated enough that I backed off on frequency of sits for several days. Meditating provides relief from the ringing, perhaps as…[Read more]

  • Darrell,

    Relax. You are doing fine.

    “Wait for the mind to settle” means to thoroughly experience the boundaries you are working with, before moving to the next set of boundaries. The four phases are distinctly different experiences, like being in different rooms of a house. Get to know each in a familiar way before making the decision to move…[Read more]

  • Lemmefly,
    Sometimes a fire is flames and other times the fire is a pile of hot coals. You will solve this matter for yourself by going to a ten day meditation retreat. The first three days or so, you try too hard, and you fall into an unavoidable deep sleep of fatigue, and when you wake up you sit immediately and you find your mind tuned exactly…[Read more]

  • I have a different kind of suggestion, specifically for the beginning meditator who is troubled. If you feel aversions at the end of your meditation, this memory is left in your subconscious and the next time you go to your cushion, your mind says, “I rather NOT do THAT again!” So you can take time at the end of your meditation effort to cure your…[Read more]

  • Never mind my previous post. I have learned that the writing of Part IV was not completed. I have noticed that a great volume of texts have disappeared from website pages I had bookmarked. I suspect that Culadasa purged a lot of earlier website material with the publication of his book, to avoid quibbles over the editing improvements.

  • I think John Massey is looking for the same document I am seeking: Part IV of Culadasa’s June 6, 2006 text “Progressive Stages of Meditation in Plain English”. This is pages 41-78 of that document. Not the version of the same title that was butchered down to a single document of 20 pages. I shall be deeply grateful to anyone who provides access to…[Read more]

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