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    Hi Everyone

    I am planning to do a ten day meditation at home, cant find a sangha that supports TMI yet.
    Could someone kindly list a good sequence of dharma talks to follow that you have grown from in the Dharma Treasure Audio Archive. ?

    Yours sincerely,
    Bernadette Lenzo


    Chloe B

    Bernadette – not sure where you are located in the world. Tucker is an authorized teacher by Culadasa and he has an online sangha. You can also reach out an do meditation audiences with him if you need help. It is a good idea to have some sort of sangha even if it is online and at a distance. https://meditatewithtucker.com/


    Ivan Ganza

    Hi Bernadette,

    I found the teaching retreats to be of great benefit. Every single one is golden: Maybe pick the one that calls to you, if you go this route:


    -Ivan/ (DT Teacher in Training)



    Thank you Chloe and Ivan for your interest and suggestions.

    Ivan, The Teaching Retreats recordings look great and thank you for the link. Now i have the excellent dharma talks ready to go for 10 days !

    Would you mind giving me a rough outline of a days timetable that you use on your TMI retreats that i can aspire to?
    Interested in how to get the walking meditations happening in an integrated way.

    Then I prepare a nutritious menu and line the food stores up and will be ready to go.

    Maybe one day i will join you in Tucson for a retreat!



    Dear Bernadette,

    Enjoy your retreat! Please feel free to contact me directly or post any questions on this forum should you encounter any issues during the retreat.

    I teach a small group called ‘Deepening Your Self Practice’ in City Beach on Mondays 3pm to 4pm. This comprises a closed group of dedicated practitioners who are keen to develop their meditation practice according to Culadasa’s Ten Stages to Awakening model. Individual guidance is provided on various issues encountered during meditation in order to open up to the Five Insights. You are free to join this group should you wish to.

    I also teach an open group in Cottesloe on Thursdays 9:30am to 11am. General guidance, guided and non-guided meditations and general Dhamma talks are provided. Depending on the group size on the day, individual guidance can also be provided. Participants are free to arrive on the day without prior booking.

    There is also a possibility of another TMI group starting in Leederville. I tend to only teach when requested to do so and will leave this to interested participants to set up if this is to eventuate.

    In addition, I teach individuals and groups on a private basis in various settings, including Skype. I teach on the basis of dana (pay whatever your heart feels).

    Hope this helps. This is just a small subset of what is happening around this seemingly isolated portion of the world. There is a large Dhamma community in Perth – we just tend to spend more time meditating than socialising, which is why it sometimes takes a bit of time to find us! Please feel free to contact me directly should you be interested in more specific information.

    With metta,
    Li-Anne (DT Teacher in Training)



    Hi Li-Anne,

    Thank you for your message and offer of more connection here in Perth.

    Regards, Bernadette


    Ivan Ganza

    Hi Bernadette,

    I wasn’t sure who you were asking about making up a schedule?

    It’s hard for me to think what your schedule should be. What I can suggest is pencil in as much time for formal sessions as you can. Add times for lunch, dinner etc interspaced between blocks of 2,3,4 hours, based your personal capabilities. Then I would alternate between sitting on the cushion and walking meditation. Using those two together is critical in my experience. Also you can start to alternate sitting on the cushion and in a chair, if you find you are starting to get sore and uncomfortable too often. We each have to check that for ourselves. You might find by the fifth day for example you really need to sit in the chair a little bit.

    Also try to bring meditation to all activities during that time. Eating, drinking, washroom breaks etc.

    Suggest to take it easy and build up slowly as the days go by.




    Hi Ivan,

    Thank you for those guidelines




    With regards to schedule, also have a look at this: Sample Daily Personal Retreat Schedule. Maybe also have a look at Expectations for Practitioners.

    The Darma Treasure website has quite a few resources both with regards to “Dharma Talks”, i.e. the teaching retreats listed above, as well as on retreats. Browse around a bit.

    Gook luck for your self-retreat. I live in Melbourne and am also suffering from a Dharma Treasure deficiency Down Under and thus will do a self-retreat in August 😉



    I am doing a casual home retreat now — So thanks for all the ideas.

    This article shares some I think good ideas to think about when organizing a home retreat.


    How did the retreat go? 🙂 If you are done?

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