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    Hi everyone.
A few days ago I was practicing first Ultra Lite Jhana with Culadasa’s guided meditation on breath that is on SoundCloud.
    As Culadasa was guiding to be aware of each in breath and out breath and associated sensations in the body, I was aware of all in breaths and out breaths, and there was no thoughts, except maybe some very little Here In in the background, and I was experiencing calm and tranquility in the body, and at some point, for a few minutes I felt joy and pleasure that I started laughing spontaneously, and there was some movements in the body too, eyes flickering and some pulses in other muscles, and also some bright lights in mental screen.
Also during the practice and before the arising of joy, for a couple times I had an intense feeling in my nose, exactly like when you want to have sneeze, that this feeling releases after sneeze, similar to itching but different, and I had this feeling and it feels like that something wants to release but does not release, and this feeling goes to its peak then passes away. ( I usually have this feeling when I am concentrated )
    So, my question is, can this be called first Ultra Lite Jhana? Or the tranquility and joy is just result of concentration without entering first Ultra Lite Jhana?
I appreciate any comments.

    I don’t have the TMI book, so I am not able to look for the answer in it. I read the Jhanas handout on SoundCloud, but I needed some validations.
    Thank you.


    Darlene T

    Sounds like piti experiences and an ultra lite Jhana to me1

    Darlene (Teacher in Training)



    Thank you Darlene.

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