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    Hello Everyone,

    I am delighted to introduce you to the Dharma Treasure teachers-in-training, who will be available to answer your questions on this forum:
    Blake Barton
    Jesse Fallon
    Jeremy Graves
    Nick Hay
    Shelly Hubman
    Matthew Immergut
    Jessica Seacrest
    Jordan Wiley-Hill
    Rene Miranda

    This select group has been participating in an on-going program of intensive study with me since May of 2013. Some were teaching before being invited to join the Dharma Treasure Teacher Training program.

    These are experienced meditators and very knowledgeable about the samatha-vipassana method at the core of our Dharma Treasure teachings. You can feel completely confident asking them questions about your own meditation practice, as well as meditation in general. Many are also knowledgeable about the Dharma as well, and some are quite accomplished. If one of them doesn’t feel capable of responding to a particular question, they are in close contact with both their peers and me, and can call on us for assistance in helping you with your questions.

    I invite you to take full advantage of the collective wisdom and experience this dedicated group of people has to offer.

    In Joy,

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